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Welcome to Go Seaward's home on the web! The fanfic is arranged by fandom; navigation is above.

Feel free to email me. For random info and updates, I'll probably mention anything new on my livejournal or dreamwidth accounts, so you can look there too. And, of course, the journal accounts hold all my other natterings.

Website history since I started keeping track:

Update (August 19, 2009) added 4 Harry Potter fics, 2 Harry Potter drabbles, 1 American Idol fic. Broke this main index page into fandom subcategories. Added word counts, added links to LJ where appropriate, removed disclaimers, removed the "new" indicators that had been around for 3.5 years. (Sorry?)

Update (February 5, 2006) added The Good Student, The Unexpected Guest, and Pretty Words. Leaving up "new" indicators for previous addition of Nine and Sixty Ways.