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Just a note: RPS means real person slash, i.e. these are fictional stories written about actual people. If that's not your cup of tea, please don't read them. Thanks.

Title: Get Ahead
Rating: Adult
Pairing: Adam Lambert/Kris Allen
Summary: "Got plans for the day?" Adam said./"Drowning your embarrassments," Kris said. Notes: Thanks to colorofsmoke for the beta. Any remaining errors are my own.
Written for [info - community] kink_bingo, prompt "tickling."
Word count: 2600
Date posted: August 24, 2009

Title: kissing like you're coming true
Rating: Adult
Pairing: Adam Lambert/David Archuleta
Summary: In response to the second round of the ontd_ai kink meme, prompt #58: Adam/Archie - Archie is in love with Cook but is intimidated by the fact that Cook has had a lot of lovers while he's completely inexperienced, so he goes to Adam and asks him to teach him a few things.
Word count: 5500
Date Posted: July 15, 2009